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Dynamic Product Sorting

We help eshops maximize revenue and accelerate growth by leveraging Dynamic Product Sorting’s data-driven optimization.

Koolmetrix’s technology that generates the best product suggestions for listing pages:

Boost on-site conversion rate

Save time with automatic sorting

Product listing updated hourly

Maximize revenue from all sources

Real-time Optimization
for Higher Revenue 

Dynamic Product Sorting is the key to unlocking higher Revenue per User (RPU) for your eshop. By leveraging our cutting-edge algorithm and real-time data integration, you can optimize your product listings to deliver the most relevant products, leading to increased purchase intent and higher values per user.

How Dynamic Product Sorting Works

Unlock Efficiency, Accelerate Growth: Boost Revenue per User

Discover the secret to unlocking efficiency and accelerating growth with Dynamic Product Sorting. Using a data-driven approach, Koolmetrix’s cutting-edge algorithm leverages real-time data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, and market-based insights.

By continuously recalculating product performance, our algorithm keeps your product listings up-to-date and rankings optimized on an hourly basis. Experience the power of data-driven optimization and maximize the performance of your listing pages.

Test the Power of Dynamic Product Sorting

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Ready to witness the game-changing impact of Dynamic Product Sorting firsthand? Take advantage of our free trial period and put your default website sorting to the test against Koolmetrix’s dynamic solution.

Here’s how it works: We’ll split your traffic in half, allowing you to compare the revenue earned per user between the two versions. Don’t rely on promises alone – experience the tangible benefits of Dynamic Product Sorting for yourself and unlock a new level of success for your eshop.

Dynamic Product Sorting Pricing


99/ month

plus VAT where applicable

  • Top 50 products evaluation
  • Free A/B Test during trial
  • Sorting Updated Daily
  • Email Support


299/ month

plus VAT where applicable

  • Top 250 products evaluation
  • Sorting Updated Hourly
  • Email Support


Contact us
for pricing

  • Unlimited products evaluation
  • Sorting Updated Hourly
  • Custom Implementation
  • Priority Email Support

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