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The Challenge

A high percentage of users buy their insurance package several days after completing online the form of interest (lead). This, in conjunction with the fact that most of these leads convert into actual purchases by phone, created a problem in attributing the actual purchase to the right traffic source, and thus making the campaigns less efficient.

The main challenge that Koolmetrix faced was to find a way to record the offline orders, since the phone orders constituted a large percentage of total insurance sales, and attribute them to the actual campaign that generated the lead.

The Implementation:

Our team implemented a two-way ERP and Google Analytics connection. By this interconnection, offline orders (e.g., phone orders) could be attributed to the actual paid campaign that generated the lead, even though there was a significant time gap for a lead to convert into a client (proceed with buying an insurance package).

An in-depth analysis of the performance data that was revealed by using this custom interconnection, made easy to identify the best performing campaigns in terms of actual insurance purchases.

This custom implementation helped our performance team to allocate budget among paid channels more efficiently, as the actual offline data significantly enhanced our bidding strategy.

The Results

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Cost Per New Insurance Package (YoY)

Insurance packages sold



In our opinion Koolmetrix are the best in Greece. Their focus on OUR profitability and marketing ROI gives us the ability to grow profitably. Continuous improvements of campaign efficiency reduced our conversion costs and gave us a big competitive advantage. Highly recommended!

Sotiris PapantonopoulosOwner,

Koolmetrix knows their digital performance stuff, but what I also found endearing is that they genuinely care about each business they take on board. We’ve been partnered with Koolmetrix for more than five years, always delivering state of the art projects and results. This amazing team takes time during the brief stage to listen to our requirements carefully and on each occasion, is returning with an approach that has closely met our vision.

Stefanos FalkonakisDigital & Marketing Director


The lack of data concerning the source attribution enabled us to find a customized approach for a successful attribution model. Insurancemarket’s ERP and Google Analytics interconnection provided us with substantial data and insights about the performance of online ads.

Following these insights, we proceeded with effective budget allocation and bidding strategy throughout numerous active campaigns. As a result, conversions increased significantly, and CPA was decreased remarkably thus achieving a high profitability.