A Greek pizza delivery service tripled orders in just 3 months with a carefully targeted dynamic ads campaign that tempted audiences with their favourite dishes, at exactly the right time.


more orders with dynamic ads


return on ad spend


higher return on ad spend, compared to previous campaigns


increase in revenue during campaign period


Serving relevant ads with advanced targeting

Pizza Fan worked with Agency Koolmetrix to set up the dynamic ad campaign. Koolmetrix started out by making sure Pizza Fan had all the basics in place: a correctly implemented Facebook pixel and an up-to-date product catalogue to dynamically generate ads featuring products that were relevant to viewers.

Pizza Fan was able to use information from the Facebook pixel to help it make the most of its strong website traffic. Based on preferences shown by website visitors, it could serve highly relevant ads at just the right time that were likely to result in orders, either online or in-store.

Koolmetrix then created and segmented Custom Audiences of past customers and website visitors, based on demographics, previous order behaviours and purchase patterns. These audience characteristics were used to inform the products and offers that were featured in the ad creative.

Pizza Fan then ran dynamic ads in carousel format, showing people their favourite pizzas and appealing deals. An “Order Now” call-to-action button made it easy for people to go ahead and place an order. The ads ran in Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed and via Audience Network.

Koolmetrix kept a close eye on ad performance during the 3-month campaign period, making sure that ad budgets were allocated to the best-performing ad sets. Facebook Insights also helped identify peak periods for customer orders, which meant that campaign activity could be adjusted to match.

Winning a slice of the action


Pizza Fan’s January–March 2018 dynamic ad campaign got the year off to a great start, delivering 3X more orders and boosting revenue. Compared to the previous 3-month period, the campaign resulted in:

  • 3X more orders

  • 17.6X return on ad spend

  • 20% higher return on ad spend, compared to previous campaigns

  • 50% increase in revenue during campaign period

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