One of the leaders in the greek fashion industry, stands out for the high-end fashion products and must-have items that reflect the latest & future fashion trends.


The biggest challenge for Koolmetrix was to drive awareness and traffic to Tsakiris Mallas’ physical stores while also implementing an efficient omnichannel strategy, that would eventually result in increased online sales.


online revenue increase


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Driving store traffic while also increasing online sales.

By integrating real-time stock availability for each physical store with social media dynamic ads, we achieved to show to potential customers products that were available in the nearest store.

A combination of collection ads, dynamic videos, Instagram story GIFs and dynamic remarketing campaigns, contributed to the final result. A prerequisite for all the above to work efficiently, was a correctly implemented Facebook pixel and a product catalog with a custom branded template.

The campaign’s ads contained dynamically generated products that were personalized according to viewers’ preferences or previous engagement.

Segmentation of available custom audiences was also a key factor. We mainly focused on past customers and website visitors, based on several demographics and relevant interests that were aligned with consumer behavior.

Moreover, we created sets of HTML5 creatives that included motion, in order to increase brand awareness and consideration to the brand’s new collection. We set up and managed these campaigns through Google’s ‘Display & Video 360’ which is considered the top platform in terms of Programmatic Advertising. We implemented advanced segmentation combined with scheduling and detailed targeting, which resulted in maximum performance across 21 Ad Networks.

Our team was able to closely monitor, with real-time data, the campaigns’ performance and also transactions’ analysis by product, category, brand, gender. This helped us to obtain all necessary insights about the product performance, that led us to readjust accordingly campaigns that were afterwards activated.

The success of the above campaign derives from a breakthrough strategy that combines real-time stock availability for each physical store along with users’ geolocation. The ads also contained detailed directions on how to reach the closest physical store, making it even easier for the user to visit the store and be able to try and purchase the product.