How well do you know your customers?

AdeZ brand includes plant-based, vegan certified drinks,
as part of the portfolio of The Coca-Cola Company.

The new line of AdeZ plant based drinks is a healthy and nutritious alternative enriched with vitamins, naturally lactose-free with no added sugar. Koolmetrix undertook the creation of a custom-made mini-site and its promotion on social media.

Our Challenge

Strengthen brand awareness

Gain more insights about the preferences of consumers

Increase online consumer engagement

The main challenge was to identify prospective users with the highest intent to buy AdeZ products, as well as products with perspective. We also wanted to associate particular groups of users with specific products and therefore create marketing personas.


The process began by identifying the target audiences and their perspective. Once we created the segments, the next step was to create personalized and relevant material that will draw the attention of the respective users.

Consequently, we created a custom-made mini-site with conceptual design in the 360 marketing strategy, where visitors landed through social media ads. There was also a contest that took place on social media, with the main focus underlined by the motto “Did you try the new Adez plant based drinks?”. All the flavors displayed in the creative, along with consumption suggestions, and users were encouraged to choose the flavor they liked, which provided us with valuable insights about their preferences.

To gain even more consumer insights, we created Facebook Ads Campaigns, segmented according to interests/preferences, e.g. Vegan, Family, Career, and Fitness, in which we targeted various areas of Athens.

Each campaign ran different ads to learn more about the preferences of each audience. Each social media ad led to a landing page, where the theme changed depending on the preferences so that we could offer a personalized experience to users.

Through campaign optimization, constant changes in ads and copies took place so that we could achieve the best possible engagement from users. These actions have led to a gradual increase in user volume and more data insights.

Video Ad Example

Last but not least, as another way of increasing consumer engagement, there was a contest in which some lucky users could win a coupon for purchasing their favorite Adez product and could redeem it on the online supermarket e-Fresh.

The results

The most important part was the analysis of each target audience’s performance and the creation of specific audiences’ personas so that the brand had a more clear picture of its targeted users and their favorite flavors of drinks.

Through the campaigns we ran, we were able to identify three types of users who had high engagement rates with our ads and participation in the competition.


By utilizing smart targeting, wise budget allocation in all segments, and optimization of the visual assets, we managed to achieve high reach, impressions, and clicks, with the lowest possible cost, which also resulted in a high percentage of user participation in this competition.

Adez achieved its leading goal and still uses the data and insights that emerged from this campaign.